The ultimate sandbox battle simulator!



The core idea behind Ancient Warfare is to let you be creative and create whatever scenario you want to play or spectate! To achieve that, you can adjust many things in the game and use quite complex mechanics to shape your scenarios.


Although the previous parts only features medieval content, in Ancient Warfare 3 you can explore and compare content ranging from the stone age to future!

Unit customization

Create your own unique looking units by choosing from a huge variety of equipment. Clothing and armor can be adjusted with custom colors and material settings and many melee and ranged weapons are ready to be used...

Custom Battle Editor

The custom battle editor allows you to create your very own scenarios. Adjust the biome, environment, objects, equipment, units, settings, ... In addition, you can save compositions of objects to build maps much quicker!

Steam Workshop integration

Share your battles, units and prefabs in the Steam Workshop or quickly download some content from over 33.000 available workshop items!