Ancient Warfare 3
The ultimate sandbox battle simulator...



  • Create Custom Battles
  • 9 Different Eras
  • 1300+ Units
  • 300+ Equipment Objects
  • 270+ Traps And Objects
  • Steam Workshop Integration
  • Ocean Battles
  • Air Battles
  • 7 Different Gamemodes
  • Create Custom Units
  • Control Units
  • Spectate Battles


Ancient Warfare 3 is a complete redevelopment of the second part to improve the experience from the core of the game. Dive into a huge sandbox full of action and customization!

Choose from different gamemodes like Deathmatch, Reach point, conquest, king of the hill, zombie mode, arsenal and more. Create you own scenarios in the custom battle editor. Choose your rules, change the environment, place units, objects or traps, choose your equipment or just relax and spectate a battle.

Explore the content from different eras like stone age, medieval ages, WWI, WWII and compare them to modern and future weapons or just recreate some historic battles.
Fight your enemies on the ground, in the air or on the ocean, it's your choice!

Your player can use a very advanced and mixed equipment which will allow dynamic combat. Use a sword to cut your enemies into pieces, a baton to punch them down, guns or bows to shoot at them, or an rpg to blow them up.
Protect yourself with a shield and wear armor to get some protection for different kind of weapons. To support you and your mates, you can carry different grenades, healthpacks or ammo supplies.

Much content is already in game and there are still much more gamemodes, units, weapons and equipment planned. Until then, you can test the 1300+ units in game with 300+ equipment items and place 270+ different objects and support the development by being part of the community.


Alpha 0.29

✔ Campaigns

Add an option to create campaigns and upload them to the Steam Workshop

✔ Control Ships

Add an option for the player to control a ship


Add a multiple launch rocket system vehicle

✔ Zeppelin

Add a world war zeppelin which drops bombs

✔ Hostage game mode

Rescue a hostage to win the game

✔ More helicopter options

Add more options to control the behaviour of helicopters (missle options, waypoint system, skill settings)

Alpha 0.30

✔ Modular building system

Add a system which allows players to build buildings by placing different parts together

✔ New passive units

Add more passive unit variants

✔ Transport vehicle

Add a military truck which transports units to a specified location

✔ Formation placement

Place multiple units in a formation

✔ Rib boat

Add a small modern landing boat

Large ships [CANCELED]

Add an aircraft carrier and a container ship as static objects. [CANCELED] Those kind of objects are too large to fit into the game world.

Alpha 0.31

✔ Strategie mode

Select units in spectate mode and set their target location, etc.

✔ Naval boarding

Add an option to let the units on a ship enter another ship and try to capture it

✔ WWI Tanks

Add the A7V and Mark V

✔ Cover points

Generate cover points across the map and units search for cover if they are under fire

✔ Clothing

Add decorative clothing items to each faction and clothed variants of each unit

Alpha 0.32

Crouching and lying down

Add different poses to the player and the AI

Testing biome

A new biome without many environment objects to test some things

✔ Place environment objects

Add a placement list to place environment objects from all biomes into the battle

Clothed passive units

Add clothed variants of passive units

Defuse bomb mode

Add a new game mode with the target to defuse a bomb before it detonates

New stationary weapons

Add some more stationary weapons like artillery

Custom unit creator improvements

Create custom horse and elephant units

✔ Tank color variants

Different color options for each tank to add some camouflage in some biomes

UI improvements

Add more information about in-game options and features


To request a key, you can write me an email with a link to your channel/website/etc. with a verifiable email address.
If applicable, please include the amount of subscribers/followers you have and what your plans are with the game (video, article, review, ...)

You are allowed to upload/stream videos and images to platforms like Youtube, Twitch and other image/video hosting platforms!

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